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Alene Sirott-Cope

Alene Sirott-Cope

Hollis, NH


Alene Sirott-Cope is a professional graphic designer, potter, mixed media artist, photographer, art director, and art educator in several universities in the New England area. She uses her expertise with graphic design concepts, including color, shape, and texture, in all of her pieces. She enjoys experimenting with assorted production techniques and tries to find new combinations that produce interesting 3 dimensional mixed media art pieces. Her new series consists of pets in various illustrations of emotion. Her new line of pet products including gift items, portraits, cards and photography is entitled "Paws for Thought".

"My art has evolved many times in a variety of mediums. My passion is dogs. I have combined my love of color, mediums, technology and design with my love for animals and have finally found my niche. With a double major in Photography and Graphic Design, I took the graphics route but now have a new found love of the camera. My photographs portray the emotion I believe animals possess. My portraits convey the essence of the subjectís personality. I believe that dogs "have the soul of a philosopher," and I try to portray that in my work.Ē

Alene's work has been highlighted in publications such as The Crafts Report, Art Calendar cover, Boston Globe, The Nashua Telegraph, The Lowell Sun, Funeria Art Honors Life, Polymer Cafe and an HGTV segment on Thatís Clever. Her work appears in galleries, catalogs and gift shops throughout the USA. Selected works are showcased in several celebrity homes, as well.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"
-roger caras-


Autumn Leaves Half Panel by Alene Sirott-Cope


Autumn Leaves Mirror by Alene Sirott-Cope


Autumn leaves by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Flap Vase by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Tea Pot by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Leaf Plate by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Pyramid lidded vessel by Alene Sirott-Cope


Square Raku Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


Lidded Raku Jar View 3 by Alene Sirott-Cope


Lidded Raku Jar VIew 2 by Alene Sirott-Cope


Lidded Raku Jar by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Deep Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


Raku Wall Tile by Alene Sirott-Cope


3 Legged Urn by Alene Sirott-Cope


2-Tier Pattern Raku Clock by Alene Sirott-Cope


Klimt Disc Necklace by Alene Sirott-Cope


Family Photo Soft Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


Family Photo Soft Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


Multi-Color Soft Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


WarmColor Soft Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope


CoolColor Soft Bowl by Alene Sirott-Cope